What is Limmud FSU Australia?

Limmud is a Jewish learning festival created by volunteers. The aim of Limmud FSU Australia is to reconnect Jewish Russian-backgrounded people with their culture and heritage. 

The festival features multiple sessions occuring each hour. Presenters are world-renowned academics and journalists; others disccus their hobbies and inspire others with their enthusiasm. Lots of activities happen outside the sessions too, including meeting new people, and being creative with games, music and art on offer. Limmud is for all ages and features a program for children as well as adults.

Limmud FSU's key values include: diversity, learning, community and volunteerism. All presenters of Limmud are also participants in other sessions, and everyone is equal. All are free to choose topics that interest them and select the sessions they wish to attend. All organisers and presenters volunteer their time and experience, and everyone pays to attend.


  • Accommodation
  • Catering for the duration of the festival
  • International presenters and local experts
  • Seminars, lectures and workshops from morning until late
  • Kids programs
  • Social discusions, debates and communal meals
  • Indescribable experiences that will inspire you!

Spread the news to your families and friends and register for the experience of your lifetime today!