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Over the last several years, Limmud FSU has greatly expanded its range of activities. During 2009, four Limmud FSU conferences took place, one of which was a one-day event; total expenditures were US $1.1 million. It is planned to hold eight full three-day conferences in 2014, as well as two special events – one of these will be Limmud FSU’s global leadership conference. The total projected annual budget is US $2.81 million.

In order to meet the challenges of these continuing developments, Limmud FSU needed to re-configure its general management structure. Recently, there have also been changes and additions amongst the projects managers for the various countries in which Limmud FSU operates. Together, these two trends have led us to present Limmud FSU’s current management.

Limmud FSU’s senior governing body is the International Steering Committee (ISC), which approves its programs and budgets. The ISC receives and reviews reports on Limmud FSU conferences and other activities. It comprises representatives of supporting organizations, donor foundations and sponsors as well as individuals active in promoting Limmud FSU’s educational and cultural work.

The Executive Committee sets operational policy for Limmud FSU, authorizes budgetary adjustments between ISC sessions and sets guidelines for the preparation of the annual work plan. Currently, its members are:

Matthew Bronfman, Chairman

Aaron Frenkel, President, Limmud FSU

Chaim Chesler, Founder and Chair of the Executive Committee

Sandra Cahn, Co-founder and Chair of FRD Committee

Aaron Abramovich, Former Chairman, Masa

Alan Gill, Executive Vice-President Emeritus, JDC

Alan Hoffman, Director-General, JAFI

Alex Bilinkis, Chair, Jewish Community of Moldova

Alexander Mashkevich, Philanthropist, President, Mashkevich Fund

Anita Friedman, President, Koret Foundation

Arie Zukerman, Secretary-General, European Jewish Fund

Aviad  Hacohen, President, Sha’arei Mishpat Academic College

Avner  Shalev, Chairman, Yad Vashem

Avraham Duvdevani, Chairman, World Zionist Organization

Avraham Infeld, President, Hillel Israel

Bill Hess, President, AZM

David Bilchitz, Chair, Limmud International

David Hoffman, Chair, Limmud

David Schizer, Executive Vice President and CEO, JDC

Dahlia Rabin, Chair, Yitzhak Rabin Center, Tel Aviv

Daniel Mariaschin, Executive Vice-President, B’nai B’rith International

Danny Atar, World Chairman, Jewish National Fund (KKL)

David Harris, Executive Vice-President, American Jewish Committee

David Kislin, Philanthropist

Deborah Lipstadt, Professor, Emory University, Atlanta

Diane Wohl, Philanthropist

Feliks Frankel, Philanthropist

Edward Mermelstein, President, COJECO

Eli Cohen, Director - General, WZO

Elyakim Rubinstein, Former Supreme Court Judge

Eric Goldstein, Executive Vice-President, UJA - Federation of New York

Eric Fingerhut, President, Hillel International

Gerda Feuerstein-Perelman, Director General, L.A. Pincus Fund for Jewish Education in Diaspora

Gideon Meir, Ambassador

Gidi Grinstein, President, Reut Institute

Gidi Mark, Chief Executive Officer, Taglit-Birthright Israel

Greg Masel, Director General, Keren Hayesod

Greg Schneider, Executive Vice-President, Conference for Jewish Material Claims against Germany

Haim Ben Yakov, Executive Director, Euro-Asian Jewish Congress

Helena Glaser, Chair, Zionist Council

Herzl Makov, Chairman, Menachem Begin Heritage Center, Jerusalem

Ilia Salita, President and CEO, Genesis Philanthropy Group 

Israel Maimon, President and CEO, Israel Bonds

Izzy Tapoohi, President and CEO, Birthright Israel Foundation

Jonathan Arkush, President, Board of deputies of British Jews

Julius Berman, Chair, Conference for Jewish Material Claims against Germany

Len Blavatnik, President, Blavatnik Family Foundation

Lynn Schusterman, President, Schusterman Family Foundation

Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice- President, Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations

Mark Levin, Executive Vice-President, National Council for Soviet Jewry

Mark Tsesarsky, Philanthropist

Mark Wilf, Philanthropist, Wilf Family Foundations

Michal Grayevsky, President, JCS

Michael Miller, Executive Vice-President and CEO, Jewish Community Relations Council

Michael Wegier, Chief Executive, UJIA

Michal Frank, Director, FSU Department, JDC

Mikhail (Moshe) Mirilashvili, President, Euro-Asian Jewish Congress

Miri Yachin, Head of the ceremonies and events division, Knesset

Moshe Kantor, President, European Jewish Fund

Moshe Shneerson and Nona Kuchina, Dr Nona International

Moshe Vigdor, Director-General, Mandel Foundation Israel

Naomi Ben-Ami, Board Member, Africa - Israel

Natan Sharansky, Chairman, Jewish Agency for Israel

Neta Briskin-Peleg, Head, Nativ – Prime-Minster’s office

Norman Lipoff, Chairman, Chester Foundation

Pini Glinkewitz, Director, Absorption Authority, Municipality of Jerusalem

Tom Blumberg, Philanthropist, New York

David Horwitz, Chairman, KWALU 

Rabbi Andrew Baker, Director of International Affairs, American Jewish Committee

Rabbi Avraham Krieger, Head,  Shem Olam Institute

Rabbi Avraham Wolff, Chabad Chief Rabbi, Odessa

Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller, Hillel UCLA

Rabbi Mark Schneier, Founder and President, Foundation for Ethnic Understanding

Rabbi Menachem Hacohen, President, Sapir Institute

Raymond Simonson, Executive Director, JW3 – Jewish Community Centre (London)

Ron Weiser, Past President, Zionist Federation of Australia  

Ronald Lauder, President, World Jewish Congress

Robert Singer, Secretary-General, World Jewish Congress

Roman Polonsky, Director of RSJ Department, JAFI

Shmuel Rosenman, Chairman, International March of the Living

Timur Hihinashvili, President, Israeli-Russian Business Council

Tsvia Walden, Professor, Ben Gurion University

Vadim Rabinovich, President, All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress

Yakov Livne, Director of Euro-Asian Department ,  Ministry of Foreign affairs

Yehiel Leket, Former Chairman, WZO

Yoel Rappel, Historian

Yoram Dori, Strategic Advisor

Yuri Kanner, President, Russian Jewish Congress

Yuriy Zelvensky, OCSiAL group, Philanthropist, Moscow

Zeev Khanin, Chief Scientist, Israeli Ministry of Aliya and Integration

Sagie Shaposhnykov (he)

שגיא שפושניקוב – חבר בועדת השיווק

 שגיא מעורב בלימוד FSU אוסטרליה מתחילת הדרך והוא חבר במחלקת השיווק. הוא עובד בפרסום והיה מדריך בתגלית קנגרוסקי בשנת 2014. הוא מעורב בקהילה היהודית במשך חמשת השנים האחרונות, ומתנדב בארגונים שונים. מחוץ לעולם המקצועי, שגיא אוהב לשחק כדורגל, לאכול אוכל טוב ולבלות עם משפחתו וחבריו.

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