Participant Registration

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What does the festival cover?

  • One night stay at the Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific

  • Gala dinner on Saturday night

  • Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea on Sunday

  •  All programs + activities + night entertainment 

  • Children's program

  • Meet new people, international experts, networking



 How to become a volunteer


Volunteers are the life-blood of all Limmud FSU events and get involved in a wide variety of activities in the lead-up to the event as well as over the duration of the festival. Tasks that volunteers may be responsible include:

  • ·Registrations, photography/videography, setting and packing up, child-care, assisting presenters during lectures and lots more.
  • ·As a volunteer, you will receive a lower registration fee and all accommodation and meals entitled under registration.
  • ·You will only be required to volunteer for 2-3 hours and will still be able to participate and enjoy most sessions and activities on offer.
  • ·NB: only volunteers will be entitled to a discount rate and not family members that don’t register to volunteer. 
  • ·Volunteers will be invited to a short preparation session in advance of the festival that every volunteer must attend.
  • ·Limmud FSU Australia reserves the right to request the full price of a ticket if a volunteer does not show for her or his hours.

If you or any other participants wish to volunteer, please select the option in the ticketing section.

For more details and to find out how you can help email Shailee Mendelevich at; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Our history

Started in Great Britain in 1980, Limmud was a volunteer driven Jewish learning experience unlike any other. The festival awakened inspiration in hundreds of activists who returned home full of enthusiasm about their Jewish identity and community.

Limmud FSU was founded later in 2006, with the mission to revitalise Jewish communities and culture in the countries of the FSU (Former Soviet Union), as well as in countries with Russian speaking Jews around the world. On its 10th anniverssary in 2016, Limmud FSU has attracted more than 35,000 participants to festivals in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Far East Russia and Volga-Urals), Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Israel, North America (New York, West Coast and Canada) and Australia.

Limmud FSU Australia builds on the experience of international volunteers and leaders to create a rich educational experience. The first Limmud FSU Australia festival was held in Melbourne in 2015, hosting over 200 participants, and a smaller gathering was organised in Sydney for 150 participants. In 2016, Sydney will host the second Australian Limmud FSU festival from 17th-18th September.

Our mission and principles

The mission of Limmud FSU is to develop, support, and continue to sponsor programs throughout the world. We fully recognise our responsibility to support the spread of Limmud's global success story, helping other communities benefit from the conference's vast experience.


  • Everyone is a student and anyone can be a teacher.
  • Learning embraces personal development, knowlege and skills.
  • Learning changes people, inspires action and opens new worlds.
  • We encourage the creation of a learning environment in which people are able to reflect and grow.

Expanding jewish horizons:

  • We strive to create individual and communal experiences, through which we strengthen and develop our Jewish identity.

Enabling connections:

  • We aim to create opportunities for communities and individuals to connect.
  • We recognise the strength of providing a space where spiritual, emotional and intellectual connections are made.


  • Volunteerism is a key feature of almost everything we do.
  • We are all responsible for each other and for the communities we create – everyone has an important contribution to make.
  • We encourage participants to take an active part in all we do.


  • We inspire people to be ambitious about their contribution.
  • We challenge people and trust them to rise to that challenge.
  • We see the potential of individuals and communities and support their development.
  • We empower people to make choices and provide the information they need to act on those choices (including in the biographies which we ask presenters to provide).


  • We value the rich diversity among Jews, and so we seek to create cross-communal and intergenerational experiences.
  • We value accessibility and aim to be accessible to all.
  • We value choice in form, content and style in our programs.
  • We encourage people to keep an open mind.

Community and mutual responsibility

  • Limmud is a community of learning.
  • We can achieve more together than we can individually.
  • We gain from, and should give back to the Jewish and wider community.


  • No one is more important than anyone else.
  • We expect all participants to be respectful of one another, and to recognise that all volunteers are also participants.
  • Personal attacks are not acceptable in any Limmud context.

Arguments for Sake of Heaven:

  • We recognise and appreciate that ‘arguments for the sake of heaven’ can make a positive contribution to furthering our education and understanding.
  • We do not participate in legitimising or de-legitimising any religious or political position found in the worldwide Jewish community. Anyone coming to Limmud seeking opportunities for this will not find them. We have no part to play in the debates between/across denominations.
  • Sessions which encourage vigorous debate are entirely acceptable but we will seek to avoid religious or political conflict. Sessions should be educational, and not polemical.

Religious observance for international limmud groups:

  • We seek to create an inclusive environment for all participants whatever their religious observance practices.
  • We believe in the importance of enabling Shabbat and kashrut to be kept in all public areas as far as possible so that Jews do not have to separate themselves one from another.  
  • We recognise that in private areas, people will behave as they wish.
  • We ask that in matters of Shabbat and kashrut all participants behave in a way which is respectful of the religious observance of others.

What is Limmud FSU Australia?

Limmud is a Jewish learning festival created by volunteers. The aim of Limmud FSU Australia is to reconnect Jewish Russian-backgrounded people with their culture and heritage. 

The festival features multiple sessions occuring each hour. Presenters are world-renowned academics and journalists; others disccus their hobbies and inspire others with their enthusiasm. Lots of activities happen outside the sessions too, including meeting new people, and being creative with games, music and art on offer. Limmud is for all ages and features a program for children as well as adults.

Limmud FSU's key values include: diversity, learning, community and volunteerism. All presenters of Limmud are also participants in other sessions, and everyone is equal. All are free to choose topics that interest them and select the sessions they wish to attend. All organisers and presenters volunteer their time and experience, and everyone pays to attend.


  • Catering for the duration of the festival
  • International presenters and local experts
  • Seminars, lectures and workshops from morning until late
  • Kids programs
  • Social discusions, debates and communal meals
  • Indescribable experiences that will inspire you!

Spread the news to your families and friends and register for the experience of your lifetime today!