Tatiana Davydova

 Education consultant

Tatiana is a creator and curator of an online community group of 2,000 + members where she regularly publishes educational articles and broadcast information sessions providing advice on education options in Australia. She has been delivering lectures, webinars, workshops and conducting interviews online with guests on their experiences with the Australian education system as migrants for her large online audience as part of the online business.

Workshop 1: Career Choices for secondary school students – Skills to handle the future.

Workshop 2: Bully proof your school child.

Tatiana Davydova holds the Degree of Teacher of English and Japanese languages in the major of Philology by Herten State Pedagogical University, St-Petersburg with a high distinction mark in Pedagogy and Foreign Languages Teaching Methodology. She also holds a Diploma in Education specialising in teaching secondary school English and Literacy/ESL from the University of New South Wales. Tatiana was awarded Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) and Certificate III in Business Administration from TAFE NSW.

She started her teaching career in 2004 after graduating with a postgraduate diploma from The University of New South Wales. Tatiana worked in a number of primary schools in Sydney metropolitan area until she was offered a position in Auburn Public Primary to develop and teach New Arrivals ESL Program for Years 3-6.

In 2007 Tatiana started working in ELICOS sector in Sydney CBD where she designed, developed, delivered and assessed ELICOS courses to adults on a full-time basis for a number of RTOs. She has been teaching General English, EAP, IELTS and English for work purposes and also developed and coordinated HSPP in Australian International College of English.

Since 2014 Tatiana has been employed by Sydney Institute TAFE English Centre at TAFE, Ultimo to deliver English language AQF Certificate courses including Certificate III in Advanced English for Further study and Certificate IV in English for Academic purposes.

She is also a registered high school teacher in NSW and WA where she occasionally does relief work in primary and high schools covering curriculum across various subject areas.

Tatiana owns and operates an education consulting & tutoring business where she facilitates online learning sessions delivering Academic English, English for Employment and IELTS preparation courses to adults. She teaches Literacy and Numeracy to school children and provides ESL support to new migrants as well as general advice on schools to families. Tatiana provides career mentoring to teenagers. She has a social media page where she gives advice to all of her students and clients in order to help them achieve their goals.

Alina Svetlova

 Personal coach

Alina Svetlova was born in Murmansk. She began her career as a teacher, moving to Saint Petersburg to complete her PhD. When perestroyka began, Alina changed her occupation to a real estate agent, subsequently becoming the CEO of the agency. The next career step involved moving to Moscow, where Alina worked as a sales director of an insurance company. After several years in this top role Alina discovered her true calling – coaching.

Alina has been coaching for more than 15 years, specialising in sales management. Among her clients were KPMG, Nestle, Sberbank, Rostelecom, and other companies.

Currently Alina works in Australia, as a personal coach.

Alina Svetlova2

Alina will present: Success as Lifestyle

Alina will share her extensive experience and will equip the participants:

  • To create a clear vision of your dream;
  • To transform the dream into a clear inspirational goal;
  • To build main steps of any life project on your way to success.

Ruta Vanagaite


Ruta Vanagaite (born in 1955 in Šiauliai, Lithuania) graduated from the Moscow Theatre Institute (GITIS) with a cum laude degree in theatre criticism in 1978 and later studied theatre science in Helsinki University.

She has extensive experience as a journalist, writer, publisher, theatre and TV producer, festival organizer, political PR consultant and producer of large-scale site-specific events. After the reestablishment of Lithuanian independence in 1991, she served as the artistic director of the State Youth Theatre and was co-founder and director of "LIFE," the first and largest theatre festival in the Baltic states. She later served as an adviser to the Prime Minister of Lithuania on public relations and was executive director of “Vilnius – European Capital of Culture 2009.” In addition, she ran several successful Lithuanian presidential, parliamentary and municipal election campaigns. In 1993, she was named “Woman of the Year” in Lithuania.

More recently, she has focused on writing. Her first book exposed the sad state of elderly care in Lithuania and her second book, which dealt with the challenges faced by women at fifty, was a bestseller for more than two years with over 40,000 copies sold in two years. Ruta Vanagaite's third best-selling book, Mūsiškiai (Our People; Journey with an Enemy), co-authored with world-famous Israeli Nazi-hunter and Holocaust historian Dr. Efraim Zuroff, deals with the complicity of Lithuanians in Holocaust crimes and the efforts of all Lithuanian governments since independence to hide the role played by local Nazi collaborators. A runaway bestseller (19,000 copies), it has deeply affected public discourse on the participation of Lithuanians in the Shoa and has inspired a search for truth on this subject among many young Lithuanians.

The new bestselling Ruta’s book published in October 2016 “Jis” (“Him”) is dealing with the problems facing contemporary men, which has been in Top 10 list for over a year. A new autobiographical book (15,000 copies) was published recently, but one day after the launch of this book in October 2017, all Vanagaite’s books (6 titles, 27 thousand copies altogether) were removed from the shelves in Lithuania after Ruta’s public comment about one of Lithuanian partisan leaders. This decision was made by her publisher, the largest in Lithuania. None of her books are available in Lithuanian book stores anymore.

Eli Itin

 Senior Innovation Consultant - Northern Star Innovation

Limmud FSU Australia is proud to present Eli Itin - Founder and Senior Innovation Consultant at Northern Star Innovation.

Eli has recently returned from Israel where he held the role of Head of Internal Innovation at Amdocs, before privately consulting on Innovation to Israeli Aerospace Industries, Israeli Air Force, Israel’s Police, and a number of large enterprises including EY, Intel and SanDisk.

He has lectured at leading universities, including the Technion, BIU’s MBA program, UNSW’s Internship program and the IDC. He teaches MIT and Columbia Universities’ innovation courses as well as consulting internationally.

Eli will present two workshops:

  1. A challenging and fun creativity competition
  2. A quick sure-win method to create a new startup

Emmanuel Gruzman

Emmanuel Gruzman is a PhD candidate at the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation at Monash University and recipient of the Jewish Care Victoria and Zeleznikow scholarship.

His research project is about the settlement experiences, adaptation patterns and identity construction of Jews from the former Soviet Union in Melbourne. He finds people and their multiple identities fascinating.

Topic: Identity construction of Russian-speaking Jews in Melbourne.

The Soviet regime discriminated against Jews. As a result, Judaism and Jewish culture became almost none existent in the Soviet Union. Many Soviet Jews began experiencing their Jewish identity as a nationality separated from religion. Living in Melbourne in proximity to thriving Jewish communities for a couple of decades now, how have Russian-speaking Jews constructed their identity? The latest findings about the identity of Russian-speaking Jews in Melbourne is presented based on data from the Gen17 Australian Jewish community survey supplemented with stories from interviews.

Michael Kontorovich

Michael Kontorovich was born in the country formerly known as the USSR, in the city formerly known as Leningrad and in the century now known as the previous. He came to Australia 36 years ago and enjoys Vegemite almost as much as beluga caviar (and significantly more often).

He is an experienced story teller of long standing as a partner of one, father of two and a member of KVN comedy writing team of five. He considers his interests to be always moral, mostly legal and these days rarely fattening.

Topic: Re-storying the world. Are the stories we live by today good enough to pass on to our children? Season 2.

We live in the world that is changing faster and more dramatically than the stories we tell ourselves about how things are. Many of our most fundamental ideas about the world are rapidly becoming incompatible with the actual reality of what's happening. Our children are inheriting from us a picture that does not fit what they are seeing and experiencing. Ideologies, religions, scientific theories are struggling to keep up.

So, it appears incredibly important to start the project of re-storying - creating a new picture of the world more congruent with our and most importantly our children's current experience.

This talk presents an example of such re-storying process.

Format: Interactive talk

Алекс и Лариса Клейтман

Алекс - 80 лет, инженер-строитель, в настоящее время пенсионер. Лариса -71 год, учитель математики, в настоящее время пенсионерка. Эмигрировали в Австралию в 1992году из Украины, Члены Ассоциации Еврейских инженеров из бывшего СССР. Статья Алекса "Героизм евреев в годы ВОВ" была опубликована в апрельском номере мельбурнском журнала "Менора" и на израильском сайте "Киев еврейский".

Тема выступления - Героизм евреев в годы Великой Отечественно Войны и как сохранить память о евреях-Героях войны и o нашей жизни в Светском Союзе для наших детей и внуков. "Нация, которая забывает свое прошлое, не имеет будущего" - У. Черчиль.

С этой целью Алекс и Лариса хотят издать серию сборников об евреях - Героях Советского Союза, ученых, поэтах и о многих других представителях еврейского народа под общим названием "Известные и неизвестные евреи".

Сборники будут на двух языках - английском, с одной стороны страницы, и на русском - с другой, так как наши внуки на 95% уже только англоязычные, а их родители, возможно только половина, еще сохранили русский язык. И это главное отличие нашего проекта от существующей многочисленной и многосторонней замечательной литературы на русском языке, которая будет использоваться в сборниках.

Эмма Липпа

Заслуженная Артистка России, концертмейстер балета Большого театра ( 1964-1991) и концертмейстер Австралийского Балета (1993-2013)

Родилась в Москве. Окончила Муз-Пед. Институт им. Гнесиных. На втором курсе была принята в Большой Театр по конкурсу. Работая в Балете Большого Театра гастролировала по всему миру, принимала участие в 12-ти Международных конкурсах артистов балета, в 8-ми - признана лучшим концертмейстером (Москва, Болгария, Финляндия, США, Япония). В 1993 году была приглашена в компанию The Australian Ballet на должность концертмейстера. С Австралийским Балетом гастролировала по миру и по Австралии (выступала более чем в 40-ка городах Австралии)!

Работала с легендарными балетными танцовщиками Большого Театра и мировыми звёздами балета.

В настоящее время работает в мельбурнской консерватории, в балетных школах и выступает с концертами.

Тема: Майя Плисецкая и Большой Театр

Frieda Belakhova

The topic of the talk is BUTEYKO BREATHING TECHNIQUE

Frieda Belakhova was born in Odessa, the Ukraine ( former Soviet Union). She arrived in Australia with her family as a refugee in 1975. She was an English teacher in the USSR and having successfully gone through the tests and interviews, was recognized as a teacher of English as a Second Language in NSW. She had been teaching ESL at a high school for 25 years.

Her first encounter with the Buteyko breathing happened in May 1992 when she and her husband took the course with Sasha Stalmatsky not long after he brought the Buteyko Method to Australia from Russia. The effect it had on her and her husband’s health was so miraculously wonderful that she decided to be trained as an instructor to be able to help many other people.

So in 1993 she was certified as an instructor in the Buteyko Breathing Technique.

In 2001 she became an associate member of the Buteyko Institute for Breathing and Health. Since she retired from school teaching she dedicated herself totally to the teaching of the Buteyko Breathing Technique and works from home conducting the training on an individual basis as well as in small groups depending on circumstances and requirements

BUTEYKO BREATHING TECHNIQUE is effective, safe and scientifically based method of reconditioning the breathing pattern using only mind control. It is based on the discovery (1952) that the major and underlying cause of many seemingly completely different disorders is an incorrect breathing pattern – over breathing or in scientific terms hyperventilation syndrome.

The explanation will be followed by some practical exercises and answering questions.

Rabbi Dr. Dovid Slavin

The topic of the presentation: Food Connects

Subtopic: Body, Soul, Community

Rabbi Dovid Slavin migrated from the United States in 1991 to take up the position of Executive Director of the Rabbinical college of Sydney, a role he has occupied since that time.

His principal voluntary activities include being a member of the Ethics Committee of the Cancer Institute of NSW and Co-founding Director of Gift of Life Australia, an organisation maintaining a register of prospective bone-marrow donors.

Rabbi Slavin was appointed Chaplain in the Ambulance Service of NSW, a role he has fulfilled with distinction.

Rabbi Slavin has, in recent years, founded and directed "Our Big Kitchen" in Bondi, a non-denominational, charitable organisation that seeks to bring together people from all walks of life for community-building activities.

These have included providing food for victims of terror and disaster, and ongoing school-bases activities that promote social action. The Rabbi has used the Kitchen to bring together chaplains from the uniformed services and is planning an expanded program to involve the Consular Corps.

The Kitchen has been visited, and its programs endorsed by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Former Governor-General Bryce, Barry O'Farrell, Peter Debnam, and many others.

In December 2012 Rabbi Slavin was appointed as the CEO of Yeshiva Centre & Yeshiva College. Rabbi Slavin received a PhD from the University of Sydney in 2013.

Rabbi Slavin's professional and communal life is characterised by perfectionism, benevolence and efficiency.

Rabbi Dovid Slavin lives with his wife, Laya, and their eight children in Bondi.

Laya Slavin

The topic of the presentation: Challah and Tears - The Story of Challah Baking

Laya Slavin was born in Sydney in 1971 to very loving parents. She attended the local Yeshiva College Primary school and then Moriah College High School, graduating in 1988. She was the school Captain and met the Queen on her Australian visit.

Laya then studied teaching at a teacher trainer college in Melbourne and continued studies in Israel, where she graduated.

She and Rabbi Doctor Dovid Slavin were married in 1991. Together they have raised eight children, and she received the Australian Jewish News inaugural Jewish Mother of the Year award. Laya is known for her generosity and open home, inviting people of all walks of life for family meals, celebrations and holidays.

Laya and her husband partnered in a variety of communal roles. This led her to initiating the establishment of Our Big Kitchen in 2005.

The idea to start OBK began after Laya completed her Hair and Wig Design course, many of her customers were women going through chemotherapy. First, Laya established a Wig library supporting women who makes sure that women who have lost their hair do not also lose their dignity. Laya has established connections with wig makers in New York and Israel who have donated their products and expertise to this important cause. Countless women have been helped during a very difficult time in their lives.

The idea of creating a communal kitchen was born and continues to grow from Laya’s love and passion for giving to others.

Right after Our Big Kitchen was established a bride approached OBK about using the facilities to self-cater her own wedding, Laya knew that this bride was not planning on having anything special for her wedding day. Laya immediately sprang into action, sourcing donated decorations, table cloths, candle holders, flowers and centrepieces creating the most memorable and beautiful wedding for this special bride. From this experience a new section was added to Our Big Kitchen, it was called “Our Big Party” or in Yiddish “The Gemach”. The Gemach is a party lending service, that now collects all decoration from various functions and celebrations and lends these items to people who otherwise would not have afforded a special celebration.

As a person she has always made herself available to anyone who needs support, anything she can do to help, and give back is never too much. Every person is significant in her eyes and is always ready to give of herself. She visits nursing homes and hospitals weekly and sometimes daily. She runs hospital and nursing home visitation programs with volunteers and students.

Laya is also passionate supporter of Gift of Life Australia a bone marrow registry.

Laya is very involved in J.E.MS, and acts as a councillor to children and a mentor to staff, she takes every opportunity she can to teach and share with others. Laya is a true believer in the power of prayer and always takes every opportunity to uplift and infuse meaning into the lives of people she meets.

One of Laya’s passions is bringing together groups of people to bake traditional challah (braided loaves of bread) where people get the opportunity to connect with each other through song dance and of course baking.

In 2018 she received the Vaucluse Local Woman of the Year award.

Laya is a child at heart and is happiest in a clown costume helping share smiles with everyone. She is the heart of OBK, the inspiration that drives the organisation with her passion for kindness, warmth, empathy, love, tolerance, acceptance, educating, and love.

Marina Prostakova

Topic of Marina’s presentation: Education and Entertainment!
For kids from age 5 plus

Marina was born in Ukraine. After graduation from Latvian State University she became a secondary school teacher.

In 1992, Marina and her family immigrated to Melbourne. After completing Diploma of Education in Melbourne University, she focused on working in educational institutions where she gained over 20 years of experience in teaching and management roles in both government and private sectors.

The most rewarding job for Marina is being the Principal of Lider Russian Sunday School in Melbourne. For the last 12 years she has operated a rapidly growing ethnic School which focuses on providing fun and educational experience to hundreds of students aged from 4 to 16 years of age.

Marina’s session focuses on a number of interesting chemical reactions which produce smoke, gas, heat, precipitations and colour changes. Children will make slimes, expanding snow, disappearing water and lot of other surprises. Chemicals which live in the kitchen and laundry will be introduced and used to inflate balloons and make fun. This is a great educational interactive workshop where kids will experience the magical fun of chemistry.

Цветана Спасова

Проект ‘’История русских в Австралии’’

Мой взгляд на жизнь и современность всегда рассматривается через призму истории. Сегодня генеалогия -это не только моя профессия, но и хобби. Последние два года я активно занимаюсь расследованием жизней русских в Австралии. С каждой новой историей я понимаю, что всё больше этим увлекаюсь. Говорить об этом могу бесконечно.

Я -основатель интернет проекта, где пытаюсь рассказать как можно больше об истории русской миграции. Делаю расследования, пишу статьи. Вы так же можете найти меня в Фейсбук группе "История русских в Австралии".

На Лиммуде я представлю лекцию об истории русско-еврейской миграции в Австралию и ее представителях.

Мила Снегурова

ТЕМА - «Дети-билингвы»

Более 17 лет работы с детьми, из них 9 лет в Австралии. Сегодня Мила Снегурова уважаемая и любимая учительница старших классов в русской школе в Сиднее, работает с детьми от 6 месяцев до 9 лет в собственной студии раннего развития «Тип Топ», индивидуально преподаёт чтение, письмо и математику деткам всех возрастов.


Два высших образования – педагогическое и психологическое. Дополнительно окончила курс Московского государственного университета (МГУ) по “Методике преподавания русского языка, как иностранного детям за границей (билингвы)”. В Австралии получила диплом в The University of Sydney по специальности «Language Teaching».


Мама троих замечательных ребят, которые легко и с удовольствием говорят на двух языках: и русском, и английском. Мила - замечательный пример любви и преданности своему делу, и просто отзывчивый и добрый человек.


Личные семинары состоялись в 2015 и 2017 годах в двух городах Австралии – Сиднее и Брисбене, а так же большой вебинар для всех родителей в Австралии. В 2018 году уже состоялись семинары Милы в Перте и Брисбене. В них приняли активное участие более 400 родителей, а также учителя и руководители русских школ Австралии. Такой опыт позволил выделить самые актуальные вопросы воспитания детей в двуязычной среде и раскрыть их во время семинаров и вебинаров «Дети-билингвы».

Irina Iris

“Daydreaming with Mark Shagall” art workshop for children

Irina Iris is the Artist and Founder of the «Iris art studio” in Western Sydney.

Irina grew up in Belarus, where she studied art at her local art school for 6 years. Following that she successfully graduated from architectural college and university. She worked as an architect and urban designer in Belarus and overseas. In 2008 Australia became a new home for Irina and her family. Here she started teaching art to children at Russian schools, as well as continued her studies. In 2016 she was awarded a Diploma in Visual Arts.

More than five years ago Irina started her own project, “IRIS ART” studio to help kids and adults learn visual arts.

"I teach children to look at the world in a different way, to see the beauty around them, to be able to create and invent new things," says Irina. "Children with such abilities in the future are called geniuses. The purpose of my work is to organise a space for creative, happy and successful children and adults. I truly believe that art can make everyone happy and it helps discover your own inner world "

Irina Iris2

Irina will present “Daydreaming with Mark Shagall” art workshop.

Children will learn about life and work of one of the most brilliant artists of the 20th century. Where was Mark Shagall born and raised? Why did he live in different places, and what do the symbols in his paintings mean? Who is Bella and what role did she play in the artist's life? Those and many other interesting facts will be covered during the workshop. Children will be introduced to Shagall’s main art works and will create their own painting , inspired by the dreamy surrealistic images from Shagall's paintings.

Илья Аксельрод

Илья выступит перед гостями Лимуда с концертом под названием "Кошерный стендап"

Илья Аксельрод – один из самых популярных стенд-ап комиков Израиля!

Это артист, который рассказывает о своей стране по всему миру. Его выступления пропитаны интеллигентным и актуальным юмором, доступным и понятным зрителям любых возрастов во всех странах.

Ilya akselrod2

Илья – финалист проекта Comedy Баттл на ТНТ, ведущий программы «Доброе утро, Израиль», радиоведущий программы «Comedy час» на Первом Радио, продюсер и главный творческий вдохновитель юмористического проекта «Comedy Club Israel».

Ирина Позовская

Многим из вас Ирина уже знакома как участница программного комитета Limmud FSU 2016, в этом году она выступает на нашем литературном форуме.

Стихи и прозу начала писать в зрелом возрасте. В силу своей профессии (медик), стала свидетелем многих людских судеб, что и явилось, в последствии, основной причиной взяться за перо.

Живёт и работает в Сиднее, замужем, мать двоих детей.

Периодически печатается в разных русскоязычных изданиях, постоянный автор Австралийского русскоязычного художественно-познавательного альманаха "Австралийская Мозаика". Номинант VI Международной ежегодной поэтической премии "Образ"(2018), а также автор публикации стихов в одноименном альманахе.