Amazing News For All Limmud FSU Guests! Look Who's Joining Us!

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Zeev Elkin, Minister of Jerusalem and Heritage and a Member of the Security Cabinet of Israel is joining us at the festival.

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We are Excited to Announce a Proud Sponsor of Limmud FSU Australia 2016: Mila's Catering!

Ludmila Rodov is a true inspiration for our community and she is an active supporter of Limmud FSU.

Thank you to our sponsors for supporting Limmud FSU Australia and Russian-Speaking Jewish community.



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Limmud FSU Australia kicks off with more than 400 participants

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 By Sarah Bendetsky

Over 400 participants attended the inaugural Limmud FSU events for Russian-speaking Jews in Sydney and Melbourne, run in partnership with the Zionist Federation of Australia.

The opening gala event in Sydney was attended by 150 participants with another 250 arriving for a two-day festival of Jewish learning, dubbed “Kultura,” in the Lorne Mantra Resort, on the Great Ocean Road, near Melbourne. Bringing together Russian-speaking Jews from the length and breadth of Australia, the festival celebrated Jewish identity, history and culture, in an inclusive, pluralistic and egalitarian celebration of contemporary Jewish life.


Would you like to promote your business at Limmud?


We are offering stalls to all small business owners to promote/sell their products. 

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Be a Volunteer

Be a Volunteer:

Limmud program is traditionally run by volunteers. Volunteers are people who choose to get involved in the community life and are looking for ways to enrich it. These are people who care.

What volunteers do:

  • They organise the event
  • Put together the program
  • Invite and look after the presenters,
  • Guide guests of the Limmud FSU
  • Create a special environment for all participants
  • During the event volunteers are asked to give 3-4 hours of their time.

If you wish to register as a volunteer, please indicate so in the Registration. You might be entitled for a special volunteer discount. Please contact Shailee Mendelevich for more details and to find out how you can be involved. For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




Have you watched the "Art Limmud" video?

 While we are getting ready for our first Limmud FSU Australia Festival, get inspired and watch the video taken at the “Art Limmud" Festival in Vitebsk in September 2014 and don't forget to register before 1 August!


Do you want to get into the spirit of Limmud?

 Do you want to get into the spirit of Limmud? Watch the inaugural Canadian "Limmud FSU Kultura” Festival video, get excited about our very own Limmud FSU Australia and don't forget to register before 1 August!

Limmud FSU: A Taste of Jewish Learning on the Australian Shores

 By Sarah Bendetsky

Among approximately 120,000 Jews living in Australia, nearly 30,000 are immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Reaching out to the Russian-Jewish population, the international Jewish organisation Limmud FSU (Former Soviet Union) is planning its first festival on the Australian shores in March. The newest outpost of the Limmud learning will focus on Jewish values, traditions, identity and family fun.

The inaugural volunteer-driven festival is going to feature over 70 local presenters and international guests including jazz musician Leon Ptashka, famous Chef and great-grandson of Eliezer Ben Yehuda, Gil Hovav and many other famous politicians, actors, Rabbis, businessmen and artists. So too, an exciting children’s program, concerts and delicious kosher meals will provide a memorable experience for people of all ages and levels of religious affiliation.

“Limmud FSU was established as a branch of the global Limmud initiative, known for its stimulating festivals of Jewish learning and cultural exchange across the world,” said Chaim Chesler, Founder of Limmud FSU. “We empower Russian-Jewish adults to connect with their communities and feel inspired by their identity through pluralistic, volunteer-driven conferences in a fun, relaxing atmosphere. We’ve been to Russia US, Canada, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel… and now, it’s Australia’s turn!”

Over 300 participants are expected to attend the Limmud FSU Festival, scheduled to take place in the beautiful Mantra Lorne Hotel on 8-9 March over the Labour Day Weekend.

The Limmud FSU Australia Organising Committee is chaired by Sasha Klyachkina, with volunteers from the Russian Jewish community, and is proudly supported by the ZFA, JAFI and AFRJ.

“The inaugural Limmud FSU Australia festival heralds the recognition of the large number of Jewish Australians from FSU and the importance of their Jewish identification,” said Dr Danny Lamm, President of the ZFA. “Following the successful launch of the ZFA’s Birthright Kangarusski in 2013, we are proud to partner with Limmud FSU as a further step in encouraging the involvement of the Jewish Australians from FSU with the wider Jewish community.”

“We are working hard on making the very first Australian Limmud FSU special,” said Sasha Klyachkina. “Everyone is welcome to participate and present on topics of their interest. So come along with family and friends and be prepared for a rewarding weekend of exciting lectures and workshops, lots of smiles and new friendships. You’ll enjoy it, that’s for sure.”

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Watch the Limmud FSU Global Summit Video

 In June 2014, over 80 community leaders from nine countries gathered in Jerusalem to discuss the future of Russian Jewry. Sponsored by the UJA-Federation of New York, the Limmud FSU Global Summit brought together the organisers of Limmud FSU conferences all over the world.