Our Sydney Team of Volunteers
Anna Maylis
Founder & Director
Anna was born in Ukraine in 1973, made aliya at 17, and moved to Sydney 22 years ago. Anna has been working as a Hebrew teacher for 20 years, as well as the founder and the Director of the Kids Theatre – "JeSTAR". In 2015, she became an event coordinator for the Russian-speaking Jewish community in Sydney. This year Anna is passionately involved in organising the Limmud FSU festival. She believes that Limmud FSU is an exciting and unique opportunity for the Sydney community to meet amazing local and international presenters, learn from world known intellectuals and professionals and bring the community together.
Anatol Romanov
Marketing Director
Anatol was born and raised in Moscow, he moved to Sydney in 1992 at the age of 31. Like many other Jews from the Soviet Union, he knew very little about the Jewish way of life, but feeling passionate about the community, he started weekly gatherings of newly arrived Russian speakers, mostly Jews, with the main goal of helping each other through the first most difficult months of settlement in the new country. It was the times when the Internet was still in its infancy and social media didn't exist. Through the word of mouth and with backing of Jewish Community Services, the so-called "Romanovs' Club" quickly became a place every new Russian-speaking Jewish immigrant must check. Hundreds of people received a warm welcome, psychological and practical help at the Club, which Anatol and his wife Faina ran for almost five years.
When Limmud FSU came to Sydney in 2016 Anatol and Faina enthusiastically joined a team of Kangarusski volunteers, helping with many little jobs underpinning a success of this large and important community event.
Two things lying at the heart of the Limmud movement stand high in Anatol's system of values: community and learning. Always learning himself, he complimented his Applied Mathematics and Computer Science degree with a master of Applied Finance. Inspired by the talent and strength of the Russian-speaking Jewish community, demonstrated at the Limmud FSU Australia conference in 2016, Anatol came up with the initiative to create a non-profit association, which would help the community to grow and learn faster. Russian-speaking Jewish Community Association Inc (RJA) was created with strong support of Kangarusski volunteers at the end of 2017. Anatol has been RJA President since inception.

Inna Polura
Financial Director
Since February 2016, when I was first introduced to the Limmud FSU world, my life has charged. Meeting young, talented, motivated and multiskilled people with different backgrounds, different occupations, different areas of expertise would not be possible without Limmud.
We did our first big event 2 years ago and since that time we have never stopped seeing each other, planned many other events and Jewish festivals. Many more wonderful people joined us and contributed to the high level of the activities we organise for our community. I'm so glad to see how young families with children participate in our events.
So, the main idea of being part of the Limmud organising committee is bringing together our Russian speaking community and keeping our traditions, learning and having fun together.
I am looking forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces along with new people joining Limmud FSU Festival this year.

Chief Event Manager
Rina is an Events Manager with over 10 years' experience. She is Head of Events at the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, NSW, managing over 70 events a year.
Rina attended the first Jewish school that opened in USSR during Perestroika in Riga, Latvia. Rina believes it was the best decision her parents made, because her experiences there helped shape who she is today, and the friends she made are irreplaceable. In 1996, Rina immigrated to Sydney, Australia, with only a few relatives, no English and no friends. It wasn't easy and took her and her family a long time to make friends and settle in to their new Australian way of life.
"I will do everything I can to help Limmud FSU be successful. I want my kids to experience the happy memories I have from my school years in Riga. Something like Limmud FSU has been missing from our lives for a long time, and I'm really excited to be a part of it and help it - and our community - grow and develop."

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