Limmud FSU is organised exclusively by volunteers and community members, who offer different areas of expertise.

Should you wish to help by becoming a volunteer, Limmud FSU team would be happy to welcome you to get involved in a wide variety of activities in the lead-up to the event, as well as over the duration of the festival.

Tasks that volunteers may be responsible for include: registration, setting and packing up, kids program, assisting presenters, helping guests and lots more.

As a volunteer, you will be asked to work for 2-3 hours during the festival, so you could still participate and enjoy the sessions and activities on offer.
Volunteer spots are limited. To register as a volunteer, please submit the form below.

You will be contacted by the Volunteers Coordinator from Limmud FSU Australia to discuss your role as a volunteer and provide further details.

Registered volunteers will be asked to purchase a full ticket but will receive a 25% refund after the Limmud FSU Festival concludes.

Your help and contribution during the event is extremely valuable and we are looking forward to welcoming you to the Limmud family.
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